Industrial Handrails

In compliance with current HSE legislation any unprotected edge of a platform, walkway, staircase or any other raised area over the height of 0.5m must be fitted with a guardrail. TailorMade Fabrications Ltd handrails and guardrails are designed to provide safety and reassurance to users of raised areas such as platforms and walkways. Along with providing handrails and guardrails as accompaniments to platforms and staircases etc. we can also provide freestanding rails to any area you require. These can be used for any situations you require such as surrounding equipment and machinery or used in order to simply just prevent access to risk areas.


  • Mild Steel
  • Rails: 42.4mm OD x 3.2mm wall tube
  • Posts: 42.4mm OD x 3.2mm wall x 75mm dia. ball
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Powder coated (if required

We also offer stainless steel and GRP handrails to suit your requirements. 


Our handrails and guardrails consist of two rails, one at mid-level (knee rail) and one at high level (hand rail). For stairways, which are bound by a wall, only one rail at hand level is required, however on a free edge there must be both one at hand level and knee level. The minimum height of handrails for raised areas is 1.1m above the walking surface; for staircases the handrail height should be between 0.9m and 1m above the pitch line.

We can provide handrails and guardrails that are jointed using key clamp systems or alternatively welded together. Self-closing gates can be included in our handrail and guardrail designs to provide access to areas bound by the railing.

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