We construct pipework in our workshop and on site, from chemical work process pipework through to decorative stainless steel we bend, construct and weld bespoke pipe work to the highest standards for applications throughout the UK. We have completed numerous projects for both United Utilities and Thames Water for both potable and waste water sites. 

• Pipework 
• Pressure vessels 
• Tanks 
• Pipework Supports 
• Kiosk and Enclosures 


Stainless Steel 

Tailor Made Fabrications has a great deal of experience in the fabrication and installation of stainless steel pipework, ensuring that all our projects are held to the most rigorous of high standards. All of our staff are fully trained to assure quality, all of our welders are properly certified and all of our welds carried out to the relevant procedures. All this results in the highest quality work; whether for stainless steel piping that is simply functional in nature, or piping that is also made to please aesthetically.  


Ductile Iron Pipe 

Tailor Made Fabrications ensures quality, cost-effectivity and flexibility in our fabrication and installation of ductile iron pipe fittings. Fabricating features to your bespoke specifications, Tailor Made Fabrications will provide the solution from the fabricating, to the delivery, installation and any after sale services required. Supplying anything from ductile iron pipes to flange adaptors, fittings and valves, we will provide both the best possible price, service and quality. 

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